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Get Involved

There are a few ways to get involved with The Hye-Phen community, a fully independent effort. You can consider donating to keep our website alive, submit original work, donate your artwork for us to acompany our contributors’ work in our artist database, or join our small collective. 

Artist Database-

Artists looking to work regularly with The Hye-Phen can register in our artist database. When we have graphic design, post design, or other needs that you can fill, we will be able to reach out.
If you are submitting your work but need accompanying art, or are looking to collaborate with other artists, this database is also available for everyone to view.

Submit Your Work-

We are committed to honoring the voices and stories of those at the margins within and beyond our communities. We strive to make sure that our space is and remains a home for everyone, readers and contributors alike. We value diverse, strange, queer, and radical perspectives.

We are always on the look out out for new content and perspectives that cover a broad range of subjects. Not sure what to submit? Scroll down to our FAQ section.  

To submit your work to us, please fill out the Google form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Submission FAQ-

Do I have to be Armenian to submit work?

Absolutely not! We love to hear from voices that are not Armenian- including voices within and beyond the SWANA community. Although we intentionally center the voices of people of Armenian heritage, this is not a requirement for submission.

Do I have to be part of the LGBTQ community to submit work?

Absolutely not. Our platform is proudly powered by a handful of LGBTQ Armenians who created it to create a space for everyone’s voice. 

We encourage our contributors to be ‘diverse’- both in the ways they indentify and in the content they submit. We are not exclusive- instead, we want to encourage many subjects and people to share their work and ideas with us.

Can I collaborate with The Hye-Phen on larger projects and/or series?

If you have an idea for a long-term project, or want to collaborate in publishing a larger body of work that hasn’t been published elsewhere*, we’d love to hear your ideas. Please reach out to us through our email. 

Note that works published on your own social media accounts (artist, professional, personal) and websites are fine. 

Should I submit my work if it isn’t finished?

We strongly prefer to view complete submissions that require minimal review and editing. 

This is to ensure quick responses on submissions and make publishing as easy as possible for our team.

However, if you have a pitch for a story or column, we’d love to hear about it. 

Do I need to include artwork for my piece?

If you don’t already have original artwork or an accompanying image for your piece, don’t worry-  we’ve made an artist database for anyone to view.

Our database contains the names, websites, and social media accounts of artists within our community who may be available to decorate your work. Reach out to them! 

Is there a deadline to submit?

We’re always accepting general submissions- you can submit at any time!

When will I know if my submission has been accepted?

We’ll generally contact you within a week to let you know about the status of your submission. 

How soon will my work be published on the website?

It depends on when you submit. Although we are always taking submissions, we publish on a monthly cycle. Submissions made before the 15th of the month will typically be published in the current cycle (2-3 weeks later), and those made after the 15th of the month will typically be published in the following cycle (4-6 weeks later).

Is my work right for The Hye-Phen?

We love stories and ideas that are honest, strange, beautiful, tender, queer. We love critiques and hot takes on big and little things happening in the world. We love work that attempts to reimagine the future. We love raw expression and polished pieces. 

We try to host and catalyze all of these things. 

If you’re wondering if your submission is right for our platform, we encourage you to look at the other work we have published and consider how your piece fits into that.

We try our best to include a wide range of content while maintaining relevance to our community, and we ultimately trust your initial instinct to submit.